Dental Compressors

Dental Compressors

METASYS’ Dental range of compressors are specifically designed for dental applications in a variety of models.

Made in Australia

Fundamental to the design of the METASYS range is 100% oil-free operation which guarantees there is no possibility of oil based residuals with the dental surgery air to ensure the effectiveness of air dependent

procedures (such as bonding) and the reliability of your air driven surgery equipment.

The unique design and combination of materials within the METASYS range provides the following benefits:

  • Powerful membrane drying system for absolutely dry air.
  • Operating hours metre to ensure the exact maintenance periods and unit life.
  • Double, amperometric and temperature control for optimal safety.
  • Antibacterial coated tank to prevent corrosion

METASYS Dental compressors incorporate an integrated air dryer and 0.01μm filter, both features which are recommended to ensure high quality air delivery for your surgery environment (see right panel for details).

Every METASYS compressor is backed up by a 3 year warranty.

The Importance of Dry and Filtered Air for Dental Surgeries.


Every Cubic Metre of air contains as many as 140 million particles of dust.

These particles, mixed with moisture from atmosphere humidity, are drawn into the compressor and concentrated under

If unfiltered, these contaminants can carry through to the dental unit to reduce the effectiveness of the dental applications, and can have a direct effect on the quality of many procedures such as bonding and cementation of composites.

Just as importantly, the presence of moisture and other contaminants in the air lines can potentially corrode and/or damage the dental unit and handpieces to reduce the working life of the surgery equipment.

Finally, there is a potential health risk since the unfiltered air can transmit bacteria (with promoted growth due to mixture with moisture) which will then be emitted directly into the patient’s oral area.

Therefore it is essential to incorporate a quality air dryer and filter system into the dental air system.

All METASYS compressors have an integrated air dryer systems for effective removal of moisture. The included filter set (also located into the compressor) reduces particles to effectively eliminate vapour and particles in your surgical air.

As a result, METASYS’ compressors ensure high quality air to enhance both dental procedures and the working life of valuable dental equipment.

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